Industrial Bin Liners


Industrial Bin Liners

Used for protecting the goods in the transportation chain.

Used for reduction of contamination and handling of bulk materials within factory infrastructures. 
It is perfect for furniture factory where they must control the spread of wood flour when their bins are being emptied or where the waste adheres to the bin presenting cleaning issues & reducing the capacity of the bin.

Material: LDPE  

Color: Clear, Black or any other colours. 

Main size: 
                Gusset bag:   
Width 1850mm + Gusset 950mm x Length 2100mm X Thickness 80um ( 1.5m³  Bin Size1800m x 900mm x 950mm )   
Width 1850mm + Gusset 1480mm x Length 3000mm
X Thickness 80um  (3m³  Bin Size 1800mm X 1400mm X 1200mm)
Width 1850mm + Gusset 1750mm x Length 3600mm X Thickness 90um ( 4.5m³  Bin Size1800m x 1700mm x 1500mm )
Width 1200mm + Gusset 1050mm  x Length 3400mm  x Thickness 150um ( 2.3m³ Bin Size 1150mm X 1000mm x 2000mm )

Flat bag:     
Width 1000mm  X Length 1500mm  X Thickness100um 
Width 1300mm  X Length 1900mm  X Thickness 50um 
Width 1500mm  X Length 1600mm  X Thickness 50um 

Width 1800mm  X Length 2400mm  X Thickness 50um 
Width  2200mm X Length 2600mm  X Thickness100um 
Width  2400mm X Length 3000mm  X Thickness100um 

Super strong bottom sealing, specially for the gusset bag               
Max bottom seal width: 2400mm

Thickness: 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.08mm, 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm and etc.  

Packaging: Folded into carton.

The product can be produced according to customers' request in different sizes and thickness.


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