Plastic Pallet Top Cover


Plastic Pallet Top Cover ( Pallet Top Sheet or Pallet Top Cap)   

Plastic Pallet Top Cover is used on the top or bottom of pallets as protective covers from the dirt, dust or the weather. It is normally used with pallet stretch wrap to enclose the pallet.  

Material: LDPE or HDPE   
Main Size:1.68M X 1.68M, 1.5M X 1.5M, 1.5M X 2.5M or any others 
Main colour: Clear or black   
Main thickness: 10um , 17 um ,20 um , 25 um , 50um or any others
Packaging: individually folded into carton and then on pallet,     such as 100pcs/ctn  or 200pcs/ctn or 250pcs/ctn

In rolls for automaticlly packaging  use  
Main size:   SWS plain sheet 1.68M X 420M x 25um ,    1.5M X 300M x 20um ,   1.5M X 250M x 50um or any thers. 

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