Plastic Timber Wrap

Plastic Timber Wrap ( Lumber Wrap)  

For covering the shelter cut / dressed timber,  protecting it from moisture, dustand UV damage.
Material:     LDPE/LLDPE  
Color:          clear, white, white/balck  or any others. 
Printing:     up to 6 colours,  white film with 1 or 2 colours printing is most economic.
Main size: "U" Folded, such as 300/600/300mm, up to 1100/2200/1100mm  with printing
                   ''C''  Folded, such as 300/600 mm, up to 2200/4400mm  with printing
Thickness:  0.05mm, 0.06mm,0.1mm & etc.
Packaging: wraped by clear PE film with white labels and then on pallet.
This product can be produced according to customers' request.  

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