Water Soluble Laundry Bags




The product is mainly mainly used for packaging, disinfection, washing the hospital reusable fabrics with potential biological (or chemical) contamination risks during the day-to-day work, minimizing the contamination and spread of viruses, bacteria and chemicals, reducing the risk of cross contamination between operator, patient and contaminant (Or occupational hazards locomotives).

1, Avoid direct contact between the contaminated content inside the bag and the operator until the washing and drying cycle is completed, minimizing cross-infection and germs spread;
2, Greatly improve the hygiene of working environment, reduce working intension and enhance the labor protection.
Material:HDPE+ PVA
Standard Specifications:

Width 46cm+ (13cm X 2)  × Length 116cm X Thicknes 20um for volume 100L.
Dissolving temp.:Above 15 degree Celsius,  within 1 minute.
Main Color : red  or any others.  
Packaging: 25PCS/pack, 200PCS/carton; in folding. 

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