Adhensive BOPP Tape


Material: Acrylic coated on BOPP film
Adhensive Side: Single side
Adhensive type: Holt melt, pressure sensitive, water activated, 
Adhensive: Rubber, Acrylic, WBPSA (Water-based pressure sensitive adhesive)
Width: 12-144m forBOPP packing
PH Value: 7-8
Thickness: 35-90mic
Core dimension: 3"
Color: clear, transparent, crystal clear, yellowish, golden,Brown,  Tan, Super Clear, Rainbow, Colorful, etc.

High resistance, tensile strength, good adhesion
Resistant to aging and low temperature, waterproof
Low costs durable, economical for general packing and carton sealing

Carton package, strong adhesion, high tensile strength, weather-resistance, broad temperature range, printable

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