PP Hollow Sheet

PP hollow sheet is one of flexible packaging material on market. It's component is polypropylene, environmentally friendly. The pp hollow sheet is pure hydrocarbons, non-toxic, anti-chemical, no hazardous, can be recycled, long lasting, washable and reusable. PP hollow sheet are widely used for packaging, advertising, construction, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries etc. Waterproofed and Packed safely for food, beverage, billboards, hamster and rabbit cages, place of stationery, medicine stores. PP hollow sheet is a linear hydrocarbon polymer and it's one of the most versatile polymers available with applications as a plastic and both a fiber. It's the conomical material that offers outstanding physical, chemical, mechanical and thermal properties. PP corrugated sheet and pp floor guard sheet mainly used for signage, floor protection & low cost roofing, protecting tiles, marble flooring while renovating the house. They are cheaper than POP and easily stuck.

Floor protection. Backdrop, Stand, Support, False Celing, Roofing, Bottles & Beverage industry; Building & Construction industry; Trees & plants industry; Graphic industriy; Sings Industry; Industrial packaging; Agriculture packaging; Tote & stationary industry; Steel & metal industry; Textile, plastic, palette; Natural stone & marble food'; Education & stationery; Electronic, advertisement & introduction; Agriculture & gardening; Aquaculture, separators, medical, printing technology.

While, black, grey, yellow, blue, green, red, transparent etc.

PP corrugated sheet, standard thickness 2mm to 12mm
Standard sizes 4ft x 6ft, 51" x 78" & 4ft x 8ft

Lightweight and durable
Chemical and oil resistant
Impact and scratch resistant
Easy to handle and convert
Great for graphics and printing
Weather resistant
100% recyclable
Water-proof, long life, cost effective

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