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Pre-taped Masking Film

  • Pre-taped Masking Film
Pre-taped Masking Film
Pre-taped masking Film

For auto painting use, easy covering & easy disposable.

Protects autos against paint dripping, dust, and oil leaking.

1. Self-adhesive function, nondestructive surface, no contamination.

2. Small volume, convenient to use and carry

3. The film is corrosion resistant ,have good temperature resistance.

4. The film can be absorbing paint and prevent seepage.

5, The masking tape is specially for car painting use with 80--100 degree centigrade.

6.  55cm x 33M specially for car bumpers paint protection.   400cm X 20M speically for whole car paint protection.

Material: HDPE

Color: clear or blue.

Main size: 55cm X 33M,110cm X 33M, 140cm X 33M, 210cm x 20M, 240cm X 20M, 270cm X 20M , 350cm X 20M, 400cm X 20M & etc.

Main Thickness:  8microns,  10microns and etc.

Packaging: 1 roll/POF thermal shrinking bag with label and then into carton.

The product can be produced according to customers' request in different sizes and thickness.

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