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Auto Paint Masking FIlm

  • Auto Paint Masking FIlm
Auto Paint Masking FIlm

Auto Paint Masking Film

It is HDPE sheeting designed to protect a vehicle from paint overspray during repair. Against paint dripping, dust, mud or oil leaking.
1, Statically charged for easily masking. It can stick immediately to the surface of the car when place on it.
2, Corona treated. It can absorb paint and prevent seepage, the paint sticks
to the film and does not peal off when it is dry!
3. The film is corrosion resistant ,have good temperature resistance.
4. No more dust in the paintwork

5. Multi-folded in a way, can match film drag tool, convenient to use and carry.
6. Customer's logo printing on film is available. Common content is "PAINT THIS SIDE"
Material: HDPE
Color: Clear or any other colors.
Main size: 12ft X 400ft,   3
.8M X 200M, 4M X 150M , 4M X 300M & etc.

Thickness: 8microns, 9microns, 10microns & etc.
Packaging: 1 roll/ carton with logo

The product can be produced according to customers' request in different sizes and thickness

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